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Spraying Granite Coating

Spray Granite Coating
Product description
SprayGranite series spray granite coating
natural granite particles in its material
containing, acrylic resin-based binder and water-based
is a product. It contains paint and any
does not contain pigments. Its color is completely natural
and takes from granite and natural stone particles.

Usage areas
Granite and stone textured facade cladding
all kinds of hotels, shopping malls, trade centers,
housing, etc. It can be used indoors and outdoors.

Application Surfaces
To make the application will be selected according to the 
surfaceall kinds of concrete surfaces with primer material
on plastered surfaces, on any type of plate
(plasterboard, fiber concrete, betopan, osb, etc.), wood
on surfaces and metal surfaces.

* An image similar to natural granite coating
creates. it looks like burnt sandblasted surface like 
natural granite coating.
*It has a view As strong and elegant as natural granite..
* A very hard surface resistant to abrasion
* Because it contains natural granite particles
has excellent resistance to discoloration.
* Transparent protector that you can use as a topcoat
provides excellent resistance to weather conditions with 
* It is a light coating product.It does not load like natural 
granite to the building. For example 3 cm thick about 
80 kg per square meter of natural granite building
imposes a load.SprayGranite series coatings loads up to 
5 kg. That earthquake their loads do less damage to the 
* It is suitable for all kinds of designs. For example circular
column coverings are as easy as wall covering
and can come out at the same cost
* It provides 100% waterproofing on the facades.
* Application speed mechanical assembly natural granite
it is much faster than coating.
* Since there is a certain amount of elastic material,
substrate cracks that may occur on the surfaces do not 
reflect on the coating surface. Acrylic resin based
due to the binder, it is resistant to expansion due to day
 and night temperature differences.
* Compared with natural granite in terms of cost
it is a much more economical material.

* Topcoat protector to be used on the coating
up to 10-15 years depending on the type of material
Spill and deterioration guarantee against external weather
 conditionshas.. At the end of this period, the last layer 
transparent protector by applying the material on the 
coating againthe warranty period is extended in the 
same way.
On the screed surfaces - plumb
ready as a thin plastered surface
should be. Application on existing painted surfaces
If it is to be done, the soundness of the substrate should be
checked. Spilled and poorly plastered places should be 
Spraying after preparing the bottom surface
According to the color of the granite coating material, the 
joints color is determined. Stone Under in this selected joint 
color lining material is mixed with 0-5% water. This lining
roll the material to about 0.2-0.3 kg per m2 Apply with 
double coat. Drying of primed surfaces
(drying time varies depending on temperature)
(maximum 24 hours) with double-sided adhesive labels
It is made in a scale and plumb according to the project.
(It will form jointsThe width of the standard stickers is 5-7-10 
mm as) After joints are formed with 0-2% water diluted 
first color SprayGranite material to m2 first layer spraying, 
approximately 3.0-3.5 kg It is made by gun and compressor.
Later second again diluted with 
0-2% watercolor SprayGranite material is about 0.6-0.8m2
kg, the second layer of spray is lower pressure is done by 
gun and compressor. More then again the first color 
SprayGranite material to m² third layer spraying of 
approximately 0.6-0.8 kg by means of a lower pressure gun 
and compressor makes. Immediately after these operations
 are done, the sticker  “the yellow film” layer on it is 
peeled off.

Drying time:
Surface drying is 24 hours at 20 ° C and 65% relative
humidity. Full drying is 4-7 days. Low temperatures and 
low relative humidity rate prolongs the drying time.
Lining: 0.2 - 0.3 kg / m²
Spray Granite (two color application): 4.2 - 5.1 kg / m²
According to the surface and application conditions of the 
specified consumption amount It should be taken into 
consideration that it may differ. A controlled sample should
 be made for exact consumption.